KON Optics | Therapeutic Eyewear

Based on our proprietary combination of therapeutics tints we bring you the most innovative Therapeutic Eyewear to fight today´s visual pollution. The precise filtering properties of our eyewear were designed to improve your comfort and optimize your visual experience, not only in front of the digital screen but under any other harmful lighting condition giving your eyes and brain the relief they deserve – no matter what type of light is coming your way.

Designed for individuals with light sensitivity or those prone to develop seizures.

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Designed for superior visual performance when viewing digital screens while providing therapeutic benefits like reduced eye fatigue and increased comfort.

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Outdoor lens designed to reduce light sensitivity and dark enough for those who needs extra protection when they're outside of the house.

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Our lenses can be made with or without a prescription so now you can get our innovative Therapeutic Eyewear perfectly suited for your specific needs. Please contact us with your prescription needs before placing the order.